About Us

Who we are?

Berri Books is the Canadian wholesaler of discounted paperbacks in both the Mass Market (pocketbook) and larger Trade Paperback formats. We serve both chain store accounts and independent retailers from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Our books retail for less than those at big box stores and e-books.

Our Guaranteed Sale Program

Berri Books’ Guaranteed Sale program means that we offer offer bestsellers in the 2 most popular formats for all ages, to retailers who have little or no knowledge of the book business. Our pre-packed cases offer a mixed assortment of 60 different books with each order of pocketbooks and 30 different titles in the larger Trade paperback format. Shipping is free to your door and unsold books can be returned after 4 months on the rack for a full credit – so we take any risk out of your decision to try us out. In effect you will only be paying for what you sell.

Berri Books offers a 45 day risk free trial where you can test our paperbacks for that period to determine how well they will do in your location. They normally do quite well with many stores seeing maximum dollars per sq. ft. with our program. Subsequent orders are net 30 days. Readers are the most passionate of shoppers so once they find our treasure trove of deep discount Bestsellers in your store, they will come back often and tell their friends.

As we do not require any contract you are free to cancel at any time for a full refund on any returned books.

Your Books Arrive as Follows:

– A blend of Romance, Mystery, Thrillers and Literary titles that turns our rack into a mini library in your store.

– Our pre-priced stickers also includes your store logo, a UPC and the start month to monitor returns.

– Guaranteed Sale means we offer a 4 month return with full credit for any books that may not sell.

– We will loan you one of our custom designed wire rack displays, also sent via free shipping.

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Berri Books Inc.

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Call Us:1 866 763 8441 ask for Mike, Dan or Doug

Email Us:books@berribooks.ca – and we will respond within the hour.